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When it’s peak season for Michigan fruit what’s more fun than an old fashioned pie contest? Winning a prize for making a good one, that’s what!  

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  Battle Creek Farmers Market at

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Stay Home Order Rescinded

Posted 6/14/2020 5:04pm by Brigette Leach.

With the Governors Stay at Home order rescinded we can take a few steps moving toward a more typical farmers market. For starters, all of our vendors can attend the market and bring all of their products. Huge step in a positive direction. The picnic tables are once again in the Center Circle and you can now stay at the market to enjoy the delicious prepared foods our vendors offer. The tables are spaced out and will be cleaned after use. Hand washing stations and sanitation protocols continue for your safety. We will continue offering central currency exchange and card processing a the Market Master table. Customers exchange currency for clean market money, have cards processed in exchange for clean market money and Double Up Food Bucks tokens. Customers then deposit market money and tokens into the vendor payment buckets. If customers have the exact amount for their purchases currency can be used, however vendors will not be making change. This effort is to accomplish two purposes. First, to reduce exposures for our vendors via currency, coin, and potentially exposed cards. Secondly, it prevents vendors from having to wash their hands after each transaction (which slows down customer service) or have a second person in the stall dedicated to handling payments (which is very difficult for most of our vendors to do since they are small operations). Live music, activities, sampling and demonstrations are still not permitted. Which is so disappointing because we had a calendar full of Food Navigators, cooking demonstrations, kids activities and events scheduled.

Still we are very appreciative of all the customer support and are hopeful that additional restrictions can be safely lifted. Thanks again, everyone, for the support and cooperation!