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Michigan Fruit Pie Contest

August 18, 2021

When it’s peak season for Michigan fruit what’s more fun than an old fashioned pie contest? Winning a prize for making a good one, that’s what!  

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2015 Opening Day at the New Festival Market Square

Posted 5/17/2015 2:41am by Brigette Leach.

It's in the books! Based on the positive comments we heard, customers and vendors enjoyed the ambiance and easier (actually MUCH easier) vendor set up. The light rain early on in the morning was barely noticed since we were all dry! Joel Coburn entertained the crowd with live music and customers enjoyed the comfortable new seating and tables. All in all, we were pleased and there wasn't nearly the chaos I expected. Thank you vendors for arriving early, for being patience and  cooperative.

Getting all of our vendors into the spot best fitting their needs will take a few weeks so bear with us, your favorite vendor may be in a different spot next time you're at the market. We will likely be a work in progress most of this season. I guess you could compare it to moving into a new can't know how it's going to function until you live in it awhile. Believe me when I say we are going to enjoy the process though! We are so, so excited to have a new facility!

Our thanks to the City of Battle Creek, the Downtown Battle Creek Partnership and Cereal City Development Corporation for their part in seeing the project to fruition. Projects like this do not happen without great effort. It's an impressive area now and will serve the entire Battle Creek community. The space was planned with flexibility in mind, consequently a variety of activities and events can be accommodated, including concerts. 

Even though the "old" Festival Market Square circular drive is gone, and face it folks, while that drive made it possible to park very close to the vendors, it was a bad accident waiting to happen. The close quarters did in fact cause more fender benders than we can count, and the combination of foot and vehicular traffic was unsafe.

If you come to the market via McCamly Avenue plan to enter the parking ramp. On Jackson Avenue use the designated parking spaces. Enter the Riverwalk parking area from Jackson Street. Customer parking in the Riverwalk and Hamlin Avenue ramps is free for the first hour. Just a short walk along McCamly Avenue are the lots at Full Blast and the Rink, where free parking is available. There is no customer parking within Festival Market Square. Please don't use the Kellogg Headquarters parking area, it is not public parking. Need help carrying your purchases? Just ask! Pat at the Market Master's table will be glad to assist with finding a strong body to help you right out.

New vendors on Saturday included The Cheese People, Ben's Soft Pretzels and Forever Blooms. Returning vendors included Farmers on the Move, Pleasant Hill Farm, The Bakewell Company, Eicher Family Bakery, Hoover Farms, Maple Men Farms, Louie's Donut Shop, Verdant Grace, Avalon Farms Homegrown, Elwell Etcetera, Grampa's Pasty and Pie Co. and Sprout Urban Farm.

As the growing season continues and more crops are ready to harvest we expect to see Long Valley Farm, The ARC of Calhoun County, Harris Blueberries, Green Gardens Farm, Wooly Acres and other local growers. 

For Wednesday markets the prepared food vendor line up changes to include La Guatemalteca Tacos, Java Jones, and several others who will come as Daily Vendors. 

Thanks for your continued support of the downtown Battle Creek Farmers Market!